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Monday, September 5, 2011

[Release] [Show] Toy Karma III Zollmen Badzilla, Bobongo & x Max Toy Co x Konatsu Kaiju Negora @ Rotofugi Gallery

With Toy Karma 3 only five days away (opening Saturday, September 10, 7-10pm) we're going to be posting a lot of info over the next few days. Right now we’re proud to be showing images of three of the exclusive toy releases that will be available.

(Left) First up is a great pink Badzilla by Zollmen...this two-headed beast stands a whopping 10 inches tall and will be priced at $175.

(Right) On the right is Bobongo, also by Zollmen, in purple vinyl and standing 9.25 inches tall. Bobongo will be priced at $165.

Finally, we're super excited to be debuting the first painted release of this new figure by Konatsu x Max Toy Co called Kaiju Negora. Standing 3.75 inches tall, Kaiju Negora also includes a vinyl fish accessory and will be priced at $50.

All exclusives will be strictly limit one per customer.

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