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Monday, September 5, 2011

[Release] [Show] Toy Karma III Monster Worship x Jeff Lamm Greasebat & x Rumble Monsters Apple Adam Answer @ Rotofugi Gallery

Here’s a taste of two more of the exclusive toy releases we'll have for Toy Karma 3!

(Left) Up top is Greasebat by Jeff Lamm x Monster Worship, also known as The Real Fighting Greasebat. This wonderful monster stands 6.75 inches tall and price is TBD at this point. Stay tuned, we’ll update when the price is finalized.

(Right) Below that is Apple Adam Answer by the good folks at Rumble Monsters. Cast in green vinyl with a blue eye, this evil apple stands 4.25 inches tall and will be priced at $110.

All exclusives will be strictly limit one per customer. More exclusive news to come!

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