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Saturday, August 27, 2011

[Release] Target Earth Geborufu, x beaK Kusogon & Robot Kong

Text translated:
Thank you for waiting a long time, Geborufu (Above) and Kusogon (Below) we will start accepting mail order for.
Both are made ​​to order.

Geborufu 6800 yen (tax in)

Kusogon 6300 yen (including tax)

Geborufu arms and excitement, Kusogon the head and arms to rotate moving.

Kusogon the convenience of the agreement, I now can not be purchased abroad. People overseas, when he released version beaK please purchase on.

Renovation Notice Gorilla Robot prototype.
It is up temporary improvement in the current re-repair.
Sometimes recovered the acceptance period will be extended until around September 9 to Order.

Check Target Earth (HERE) to order.

Pre-Orders available @ Grumble Toy:
- Geborufu
- Robot Kong

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