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Saturday, August 27, 2011

[Release] Mutant Vinyl Hardcore Unpainted Orange With Metallic Pearl Doji San & Death Sludge Demon

(Left) This is a Pre-Order for the new MVH Vinyl Doji San.

This figure comes with both masks. Masks included are the Cyclops mask and the Angry Demon mask. Both will come with doll eyes. As well the masks will come blind bagged so you will not know what color eyes you are getting !! ( I think this will be very fun :] )

(Right) This is a Pre-Order for the new MVH Death Sludge Demon.

This pre-order is scheduled to be ready November 2011, but may take a month or two longer due to possible factory hold ups. On the other hand it is also possible to be finished sooner at which time they will ship out ASAP. Please keep this in mind when ordering. There is nothing I can do to rush the factory, so its always better to expect the unexpected.

This is a pre-order for an UNPAINTED blank figure. There will be no commissions or special requests for paint with your order.

There is no limit per person so order as many figures you like !

Pre-Orders available @ Mutant Vinyl Hardcore:
- Unpainted Orange w/ Metallic Pearl Doji San SOLD OUT!
- Unpainted Orange w/ Metallic Pearl Death Sludge Demon SOLD OUT!

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