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Saturday, May 15, 2010

[Release] Mutant Vinyl Hardcore x BLObPUS & x VELOCITRON Sludge Demon

5/15/10 @ 11:30 PM eastern time the BLObPUS and VELOCITRON versions of the Sludge Demon will be posted in the web shop (HERE). SOLD OUT!

(Left) The BLObPUS will be priced at $75.00.
(Right) VELOCITRON's version will be priced at $65.00.

Both of these releases came out insane and I'm super proud to have worked with both these guys as my first collabs. Amazing work and I'm sure all who score will be blown away once you get one in hand. Good luck to all tomorrow.

So it's time to follow the white rabbit again, are you ready?

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