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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

[Release] Grody Shogun Wonder Festival Ojisan & Karakuri

Grody Shogun first two releases SOLD OUT amazingly fast & we want to thank you all for your enthusiasm about Luke's exciting new creations! Grody Shogun was well received at SDCC & at Wonder Festival in Japan as well, and Luke reserved some WF exclusives to share with the rest of the toy loving world!

Ojisan & Karakuri are back in milky vinyl, this time covered in purple, green, white, tan, yellow & brown spray lovin'. Aaaaandddd..... Ojisan has hand-painted eyes on the back of his head, for extra web seeking (and robot managing) ability! All eyes are unique & no two figures will be alike.

Pre-Orders available @ Lulubell:
- (Left) Wonder Festival Ojisan SOLD OUT!
- (Right) Wonder Festival Karakuri SOLD OUT!

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