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Thursday, June 30, 2011

[Release] Grody Shogun Guranpusu Ojisan & Karakuri

Lulubell is proud to present the first original figure releases from Grody Shogun, Guranpusu the web eater. His name is Ojisan and he is a vain little Yokai (Japanese folk spirit). He's also kinda lazy, so he made a Karakuri (Edo era self-automated robots) in his own image. Actually, Ojisan spends more time setting up his Karakuri then if he went out a collected webs himself.

Ojisan is made to scale, approx 10cm. (3.5"), the actual size of an average Ojisan you'd find in any home. Both have three points of articulation and stand on their own, for the most part. :)

Ojisan & his Karakuri go up for pre-sale this Saturday at Noon Pacific at Lulubell. They are cast in milky white vinyl & covered in amazing Technicolor spray goodness from head to toe! Sold individually for $23 each.

Pre-Orders available @ Lulubell:
- Grody Shogun Ojisan SOLD OUT!
- Grody Shogun Karakuri SOLD OUT!

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