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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

[Release] Elegab Lantern Exhibition Sparkling Clear Tonneran, Orange Shuttle, Blue Alien Puppet & Brown Tonneran

Text translated:
"Lantern" exhibition introduces the Limited Edition.
"Lantern" exhibition where Shimokitazawa LA CAMERA.
Contact the period May 14 ~ June 27.

(Left) Tonneran sparkling clear
(Right) Orange molded Shuttlegon

We are drawing comics for a while too. "Tonneran" and "Alien Puppet" will sell the pictures.
I would think that high prices are determined.
Will also sell limited edition vinyl. Each price point which would be about 11,000 yen. Photos will be up later.

(Left) Blue mold Alien Puppet
(Right) Inquiries please to Elegab Tonneran brown molded vinyl. Also available will be this.


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