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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

[Release] Gargamel x Mishka Camo Zagoran

When Kiyoka gave us this Zag for our Mishka Tokyo Store opening, I pretty much freaked out! He made this special Mishka Camo version as a 1 off, but I begged him to make a run for the fans. He told me that they took a long time to make, but I finally convinced him to make 10 pieces to sell to you, the fans!

They are all hand painted by Kiyoka and will ship to me at the end of this month (November). So I am taking pre-orders now. We will ship as soon as we have in hand.

Available @ Mishka (HERE). SOLD OUT!



  1. Why do you bother to run this blog anymore? Most of the news reported is POST release, and post "sold out". This is not news, it is history.
    What happened? KC was the best for awhile, now it is like a brain-dead patient waiting for the switch to be turned off. Get with it guys; you can be number one again.

  2. Joe basically does all the updates nowadays & kudos to him for tending to this site when he can with his new job & busy schedule. Cheers!

  3. April fools! Did you think I was serious? Well, maybe for 5 minutes. KC is still the best place to come for news when Joe has time to post it.