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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

[Release] Super7 x Invisible Creature Monster Family Full Metal Jacket Leroy C. & S7 GID Pocket Invisiboy

(Left) While most dread the end of summer when school is back in session, Leroy C. is more than happy as he looks forward to stomping around the playground during recess. Full Metal Jacket Leroy C. is cast in Pearl Grey vinyl highlighted by Bronze and Grey sprays. $35 each.

(Right) As much as he wants to disappear, Pocket Invisiboy will have a hard time hiding. Super7’s pocket sized mascot in an ascot is back in glow to shine brightly in the dark. Pocket Invisiboy continues along Super7's traditional GID colors cast in Glow vinyl with Red and Blue sprays. $25 each.

Leroy C. and Pocket Invisiboy are available this Friday, September 16th at Noon Pacific at the Super7 Store and online.

Available @ Super7:
- Full Metal Jacket Leroy C.
- Super7 GID Pocket Invisiboy


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