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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

[Release] Grody Shogun Painted & Unpainted Ensorcelled Man

Lulubell is proud to present the next original figure releases from Grody Shogun, Ensorcelled Man! EM is a quirky dude. Basically he's like a minah bird and when he gets a word or part of a song stuck in his head he says it ALL the time. Like over and over, all through out the night. The later it gets the more he chants it. He's a happy-go-lucky character that is always smiling. Grody Shogun is painted & sculpted by none other than Lulu's very own Luke Rook in Tokyo!

Ensorcelled Man is made to scale, approx 8" tall & he has NINE points of articulation! This first US release is made with a mixed part black & GID vinyl (black: head & hands, GID - body) and will be sold in both painted & unpainted versions ($50 & $45). ***PRE-ORDER begins Friday, September 24th at Noon Pacific and is open through Monday, September 26th at 10am Pacific Time. No order minimums, made to order run!***

Pre-Orders available @ Lulubell:
- Painted Ensorcelled Man
- Unpainted Ensorcelled Man

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