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Saturday, September 10, 2011

[Release] Grody Shogun GID Blind Bagged Monster

Monster refers to a type of collector. Maybe you know him or her? Maybe it's you? A monster collects only the rarest prey. They share in their conquests only as victors, dominating an otherwise peaceful town. This horrendous appetite judges not on intent but perceived value, be it real or trumped up. Will the monster ever rest? Grody Shogun's newest Monster, is made up of 6 different heads, 6 different arms, 4 different bodies and cast on mixed flesh & GID base vinyl. This massive creature stands at approx. 6" with 3 points of articulation and retails for a mere $30 for this first painted version! ***Comes in a blind bag assortment, which means you do not know which figure you will get until you open the bag!***

Available @ Lulubell (HERE). SOLD OUT!


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