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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

[Preview] Target Earth Gebolhu

Text translated:
Gebolhu possessing false god beast.
Yes, surprisingly early, our second round of the clay Genshou classroom. Fasutohedora the last metamorphosis, a change brought, this is the theme for Gebora.

This Gebolhu, as the name suggests, based on the design caused the setting had changed to Kutouru Gebora was possessed. Originally Gebora your mouth, known as "Nyogonyogo" beak, so I incorporated elements of Kutouru, that guy is a thug is a new Gebora Brothers, it was decided long ago that was.

Able so cute, I will release this guy. Your fine, it's designed to fit on a shelf retro monster can collection with confidence.

The goal is to display samples of Super Festival of July 4.
Part 5 is about 25 cm in height. Since the original photo, the product will shrink about 6%.
Color designs, so this trial, please understand that you may vary. What about the price of 7,000 yen. So little volume...


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