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Sunday, October 9, 2011

[Release] Grody Shogun x Kaiju Korner GID Monster Kara

Kaiju Korner is happy to bring you the debut release of Grody Shogun's newest figure: Monster Kara.

There will be two versions of the GID figures available for order: blank and painted. The bodies are all the same, but the heads and arms will be randomly selected from one of six heads and two of six arms. Plus, the painted figures will have slight paint variations. So there will oodles of grody variety!

Also, every figure will come with an awesome print by Kaiju Korner's Irene Fu!

The sale will launch on Kaiju Korner on October 18 at 2:00 PM (Tokyo time) and will last 24 hours. The figures will be made to order, so everyone who gets their order in within that window will be set.

Unpainted figures will be $28, and painted figures will be $33.

Check Kaiju Korner (HERE) for more info.

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