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Monday, October 10, 2011

[Release] [Event] Grody Shogun x Lulubell Create Your Own Monster @ New York Comic Con

We (Lulubell) will be announcing our full schedule/release line-up for NYCC tomorrow! For today, we have our first of many exciting events going on at NYCC - Make a Monster!

Luke Rook, the insane mastermind behind Grody Shogun, has a bunch of fun mash-up and G.S. Goodies that will be going out at various times every day at NYCC.

But if painting hundreds of figures, and building the most insane mash-ups you've ever seen wasn't enough, Grody is also offering made-to-order Monsters at NYCC!

Print out & color, (or finger paint, digitally enhance, or attach photographs of your favorite paint scheme, etc... you name it), and bring your coloring form along with $35 to booth #589 at NYCC, and Luke will hand paint his interpretation of your design just for you! Crazy, right???? Choose a head, make several, design one for a friend.. the possibilities are endless! No email responses will be accepted - this is an NYCC exclusive only!

Click HERE for a high res image of the order form.

via Lulubell

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