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Saturday, July 16, 2011

[Release] Monster Worship SDCC x Mark Rudolph Altar Beast, x Johnny Ryan Cannibal Fuckface & x Jeff Lamm Real Fighting Greasebat

Monster Worship San Diego Comic Con MMXI Offerings

SALE LOCATION: FRIDAY July 22 5pm - 7pm : Global Figure Symposium All-Stars Booth #4937 (Onell Design)

Altar Beast
Colorway: Black Mass
Price: $35.00

The SDCC 2011 debut of Monster Worship's Altar Beast figure is cast in black vinyl. True Sofubi Vinyl.

Stands approx. 6" tall with one point of articulation. Altar Beast was created by Monster Worship & artist Mark Rudolph and sculpted by Monster 5.

Cannibal Fuckface
Colorway: Blood Bath
Price: $85.00

SDCC will finally witness the debut of Cannibal Fuckface! Born of flesh colored vinyl, intricate paint sprays, and bathed in blood. Includes special おまけ.

Cannibal Fuckface Stands approx. 7.5" tall with four points of articulation. Cannibal Fuckface was created by artist Johnny Ryan and sculpted by Monster 5.

Real Fighting Greasebat
Colorway: スーパークリアー (super clear)
Price: $75.00

The SDCC 2011 Greasebat figure is cast in super clear vinyl and includes a full color transparent "guts" insert. (Some assembly required) Each figure also includes a "Greasebat Field Target Identification Guide" illustrated by Jeff Lamm.

Stands approx. 7" tall with three points of articulation. Greasebat was created by artist Jeff Lamm and sculpted by Chauskoskis.

All toys produced by Monster Worship. Sofubi vinyl toy, made in Japan. Not intended for children under 14 years old.

More pics and info @ Monster Worship (HERE).

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