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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

[Release] Max Toy Co SDCC Kaiju Dualos, Lady Maxx, Mini Kaiju Dragigus & Drazorus

The kind folks at Rotofugi will be selling my figures at their booth #4736. Plus, only on Thursday July 21 from 11am-Noon, I will be at the booth to talk Kaiju and doodle in your sketchbook if you like ;-) Oh I'll have along some of my drawings and small paintings if you want to see them ;-P

(Above) Plus, we will be offering the first fully painted Kaiju Dualos !! This came out great and was cast in Flesh vinyl by Shimizu-san and painted in Japan.

(Left) And lets not forget a brand new Lady Maxx in glamorous Purple.

(Right) Also mini Kaiju Dragigus and Drazorus, painted by myself on glow in dark vinyl.

Of course there will be some one offs, hand painted customs from Mark Nagata ;-P Please note these are a first come, first served ... so I can not guarantee you will get the customs you may want ... Pics HERE.

See you all soon, I'm looking forward to talking to old friends and new ones !!!!!

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