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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

[Release] Longneck x Cosmo Knight Alpha 10th Anniversary Gas Bawer, Death Menargo & Dempagon

Text translated:
Now celebrate the 10th anniversary of Cosmo Knight Alpha.
Three series will be released Longneck monster family milestone to celebrate 10 years.

(Left) Gas Bawer α10 10,500 yen
(Right) Death Menargo α10 10,500 yen

(Left) Dempagon α10 10,500 yen

Deadline is 7/20 (Wed) at 20:00, when production exceeds the number of appointments will be drawn. Shipping is the end of August we are planning.

Longneck monster fantasy three, we will work on producing a new kind of monster fourth and at one o'clock this hiatus. Stay tuned.

Available @ Cosmo Knight Alpha (HERE).


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