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Thursday, July 14, 2011

[Event] [Preview] Pushead PATCHWERK Marble Siamese Skullpirate & Giclee Print @ San Diego Comic Con 2011

(Left) Siamese Marbled Skullpirate with Silver Flake Pony Tail and Hook
(Right) New Skull Pirate giclee for SDCC 2011

After the big freakout of Pushead taking SDCC 2010 off.....he's back with another crazed event for SDCC 2011!

Pushead presents 'PATCHWERK' will happen on Thursday July 21 4:00pm at the Toy Tokyo booth #5437 (southside wall). 'PATCHWERK' will feature a variety of different items, from vinyl figures, handpaints, unpainteds, to books with the limited SKELETAL hardcover with giclee & silkscreened print, and SPARROW #15 with special limited SDCC 2011 bookplate, as well as limited giclee prints, and more! It's going to be a colorful visual treat....not to mention a totally top secret guest!

Oh yea...and Mike Sutfin too.


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