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Thursday, June 9, 2011

[Release] Super7 Sunshine Fade Mummy Boy & x Arbito Monster Family Sunset Glow Patty Power

Super7's Loveable Mascot Mummy Boy is up all day until the Sunshine Fades from the sky, when Patty Power takes over the night shift in the Sunset's Glow.

Sunshine Fade Mummy Boy comes in Clear Yellow with Translucent green and blue sprays! We're hoping this new MB brings some sunshine and spring along behind him, because the weather here has been the pits! Along with the Sunshine Fade Mummy Boy comes the natural follow up, a Sunset Glow Patty Power! Cast in Glow-in-the-Dark Vinyl with orange, light blue, fluorescent pink and black sprays, this groovy sandwich is ready to hang out on the beach and watch the sun go down, until you're ready for a midnight snack.

Mummy Boy and Patty Power will be released Friday, June 10th, 12noon Pacific, $50 and $35 each.

Available @ Super7:
- Sunshine Fade Mummy Boy
- Sunshine Glow Patty Power

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