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Monday, June 20, 2011

[Release] Super7 40th Anniversary Mummy Boy, Gator & Little Prick

Mummy Boy is here to help celebrate the Mr. Flynn's 40th Birthday!

(Left) His gift to the boss is an edition of 40 Maroon vinyl Mummy Boys with Mummy Gator heads. But not to give up all the spotlight, He broke the edition into four colorways of 10 pieces each, to celebrate Super7's own 10th Anniversary! Maroon vinyl with baby blue, mint green, pink or orange spray.

(Right) The Mummies also brought a new friend along for the ride, Brian Flynn's newest figure, Little Prick, the cactus who always leaves the house in clean underwear. 40 pieces for 40 years, Maroon vinyl with orange, white and gray sprays.

Available @ Super7:
- 40th Anniversary Mummy Boy & Gator SOLD OUT!
- Little Prick SOLD OUT!


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