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Monday, June 13, 2011

[Release] Atelier G-1 x Alex Wald Astromonster Garakutagigas

Text translated:
Astromonster Series Vol, 1
"Scrap Destruction Monster Garakutagigas"

Sofubi test shot is expected to rise to much this weekend.
Color version in early July the first phase pre-sale and if you can think. Sales method works, 7/1 SHOP start at the reservation.
The tentative price is ¥9800.

(Pictured Above) The initial Illustration Goggle version.

Wonder Festival will be selling different versions of the goggles early in the illustration.
Is close to the first color illustrations, is now quite flashy colors and usage of airbrush and brush painting. It looks like the parrot that lives in the tropics.

Update from Astromonster:
Preorder announcement coming soon. There will be 10 each of two color versions this summer. Then in the fall, the alternate eye sculpt will go on sale at Wonder Festival. The Astromonster editions for US sales will always have colorways different than the Atelier G-1 editions. Ballpark price for the US is $125.

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