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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

[Preview] Hobby Japan: Medicom x Zollmen SPACE GUY-56, x RealxHead Chaos-Niya Bomb & x Gargamel Doranekon

Blurry pic snapped from latest issue of Hobby Japan. Shows 3 upcoming collaborations from Medicom.

(Top) Blue Robot looking figure which is a Zollmen collaboration. It is called SPACE GUY-56. 30cm and cost 12,600 yen.

(Bottom Left) Black Cat like figure is a RealxHead collaboration. I think it is called Chaos-Niya Bomb. About 20cm and 5,800 yen.

(Bottom Right) The Orange Cat on the right is from Gargamel. Based on Doraemon, so it's called Doranekon. It is a mini, about 10cm. Listed at 2,500 yen.

All these seems to be magazine releases and will ship in December.

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