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Thursday, June 23, 2011

[Event] [Release] The Quickening: Marmit x Amapro x Grody Shogun vs x Velocitron Penanggalan

The Quickening is a whole new arena, one that pits painter against painter. And where you, the disconcerting collector will act as judge, jury and executioner. Your choice, your purchase, will seal the fate and doom one unlucky artist to suffer insurmountable humiliation. You will have blood on your hands.

Every few weeks Velocitron with battle it out with Grody Shogun. Buddies and studio mates who craft magic and joy during the day go head to head in this winner take all bout. The goal is simple, be the the first to sell out your painted run by any means necessary.

First up is Marmit x Amapro's Penanggalan, an angry vampiric head and entrails. Perfect first figure? Probably not! Painted on a GID base with long flowing brown hair. She goes up for pre-sale on Saturday, June 25th at Noon Pacific for $30 each. Super limited, equal sized runs.

Available @ Lulubell:
- (Left) Grody Shogun Penanggalan
- (Right) Velocitron Penanggalan

More info about The Quickening @ Lulubell (HERE).


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