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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

[Release] Super7 Monster Family x Leecifer Propane Honoo, Cherry Red Fenton & x Bwana Spoons Iceberg Blue Steven the Bat

New monsters on the loose! Super7's good old friend Steven the Bat has flown back to headquarters from the icy waters of the Arctic North! The Iceberg Blue Steven the Bat by Bwana Spoons is cast in blue-glow-in-the-dark vinyl with a purpley-blue spray fading up from the depths. $35 each.

With him is the Propane Flame Honoo, the second release of Leecifer's burning sensation! Honoo is cast in light blue vinyl with white, blue, and brown sprays, and helps Steven stay warm in the frozen waters and frosty air. $35 each.

Waiting at home for these two members of Super7's Monster Family is a tasty treat! The Cherry Red Fenton, one part hard candy, one part gumdrop and all sweetness is cast in red vinyl with pink and maroon sprays. $15 each.

All three figures are available Friday, May 6th, 11am Pacific at the Super7 Store and online:
- Leecifer Propane Honoo
- Cherry Red Fenton
- Bwana Spoons Iceberg Blue Steven the Bat

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