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Friday, May 6, 2011

[Release] NagNagNag x Mishka Boryoku Genjin

Mom always nag nag nagging you? Do you see what I did there? Then what's a better gift for this weekend's upcoming Mother's Day then an aborted Boryoku Genjin?! Not sure there is one! So why not treat your mother right with our newest collaboration on this ugly fellow! Did I say ugly? I meant cute! No, I meant ugly.

We are releasing a super limited amount of these lil' homies at 350 Broadway at Midnight EST on May 8th. The store will re-open at 11pm with a lottery release at 12 midnight. You can stand in line with all your fellow enthusiasts and fight over which of Lamour and I's super special colorways you already own. It'll be like when we all used to play Magic: The Gathering outside of the local hobby shop. Don't act like you didn't.

The header art was of course done by Lamour Supreme (with my art direction) and has stirred all types of controversy. Apparently some people think we're trying to be ironic, but we're not. We're straight up with this shit. That's how we do it in Brooklyn son! Don't get it twisted.

Anyway, that gloriously vile art makes this one of the most repulsive, controversial, and disgusting NagNagNag releases to date! Each BG comes packaged with its own Mini Keep Watch New Era Cap, so your little monster fetus can swag himself out on the regular, and will retail for $499.99. What? It's rare! Real rare.

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  1. Anyone who thinks that this is vile isn't looking closely enough at the way our politicians are behaving.

  2. $500.00 bucks?? Seriously?? What a joke Mishka, this truly seems like a D-bag capitalistic move to up the value and for G. Mishka & friends to clean up on collectors they know will spend the money. Why not just charge 2K so only the money endowed or elitists can own one. Man this really burns me up, 2nd highest priced nagnagnag release ever, plus the last Mishka releases were priced out of control. Sorry but Mishka just lost a very long time customer!!

  3. The price wouldn't be as high if it wasn't for the current exchange rate. You also have to remember this is NOT OUR TOY. We are only doing a release so we are charged a wholesale price from the supplier. If it was our own toy it would be close to whatever Shig charges when he release on his site which is around 16,000 - 18,000 yen which is about $200-$225 plus shipping. So if you think about it, us buying it wholesale from Japan, doing a 65-75% markup. Our price is not outrageous at all. I agree its alot, but its just the way it is.

    Also our cost is more than half of of the retail price, so I am not even doing a proper "kaiju from japan" mark up. I would hate me too...

  4. Hard to justify spending that. If I could drop 500 on a toy, I'd get a Popy Jumbo. Something that offered presence.

  5. This sounds like BS to me. Why make excuses, if Mishka wasn't earning on this why even do it??? Obviously Mishka isn't a stupid business person so it's all to clear that there is a $$ agenda. A companies main reason for existing is to make money, so if Mishka wasn't making what they need they just wouldn't sell the thing. If the situation is as told by G. Mishka then it's a way to draw people to the company and of course pass the buck yet again, to the customer. What's the difference between this situation and a guy on trash-bay buying one and doubling the price? No difference at all. This whole thing stinks of deception and product line building. I can just hear you telling Shig how you can charge the hell out of the american consumer. Even with the exchange rate it wouldnt be 500 With shipping direct from Shig. Like I said, long term customer gone. Thank you for showing the true color of Mishka's inner thoughts.

  6. Does feel like a price gauge and when I heard the price... Definitely raised my eyebrow. That being said, I pay this much for Pushead and Kiyoka HP's (and camo runs)... & this paint job looks very detailed with alot of thought put into the packaging just for thus release. It is definitely on par, so hard to complain.

  7. Virtus- Are you saying we are not allowed to make a profit on the items we sell? Are we supposed to sell the toys for what we paid for them from Shig and not make any money? Is that how it should work?

    You obviously do not work in the wholesale or retail business so I guess you have no idea how this works.

    You just sound like a very angry and bitter person to me. Good luck with that.

  8. I'm a realist, not bitter at all. I'm upset with the company making a hard to get release even harder to get, and doubling the price. I wouldnt say mad though. You said in your first comment "we are charged a wholesale price from the supplier". Emm, wholesale prices are considerably less than retail prices so based on your own statement your actually making 80%-120% profit but I don't know business sorry. That's one point made.

    My other point is why get in the middle of a release if you have to charge this kind of money. I don't doubt the toy most likely looks amazing but to take on a project that requires you to more than double the retail price is just greedy man. And if that's the case why in the world would you tell people, that makes yourself appear quite ugly. Most people I guess are blind.

    rhinomilk: I agree and disagree. I would gladly pay 500 for a kiyoka or pushead HP but not from a secondary source after being marked up. Shig set the general price of his releases so this mark up is a real let down for me. that's all :)

    Last point, why even make your first comment

  9. I didn't even care much for this release (and would have no reason to be pissed off about missing it anyway because I actually own Nags), but the half-assed attempts at justifying the price instead of at least being straightforward about exploiting the hype are just incredibly lame. First off, that math seems slightly fucked - assuming Mishka paid $250 a piece incl. shipping, that would make it a clean 100% mark-up, no? And weren't the NYCC Nags priced at like $350? But yeah, I guess anybody not turning a blind eye to that is just "bitter" and a "hater".

    Pretty obvious "how this works". Good luck with that.

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