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Thursday, April 28, 2011

[Release] Gargamel x Chanmen Painted, Unpainted Zagoran & Clear Green Pocket Deathra

The vinyl sorcerers at Gargamel have pulled something special out of their sleeve! The Chanmen Zagoran harkens back to an era of collectible foil stickers and video game nostalgia. The blue-green vinyl is sprayed with bright pink-purple with black, white and yellow details. Each figure comes with two foil stickers featuring art by Chanmen. This 9" figure is also available unpainted, showing off the vibrant brightness of the base.

Joining these two is the Pocket Deathra, Gargamel's one-eyed winged demon, packed into an adorable pocket size. The Pocket Deathra is cast in clear green vinyl with metallic silver and blue sprays.

Available Friday, April 29th, 11am Pacific @ Super7:
- Chanmen Painted Zagoran
- Unpainted Zagoran
- Pocket Deathra

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