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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

[Release] NagNagNag x Mishka RAW POWER & FIRE STARTER Boryoku Genjin

Hopefully by now you have all heard about our Coop "Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell" show, opening this Friday, June 4th. The legendary COOP will be using our Brooklyn shop’s Gallery space to showcase his work with the NagNagNag's Boryoku Genjin Kaiju figure.

We will be releasing a special edition of the Boryoku Genjin in both our NYC & LA stores. (Sorry, no online sales). The first version is limited to just 10 pieces worldwide.

(Left) This guy is called the 淫力魔人 or RAW POWER Boryoku Genjin. I am sure a few of you can figure out exactly why that is… at least I hope so? But that’s not all bwahahahahahaha!!!

Being just as devious and demented as his Boryoku Genjin creation, NagNagNag has decided to drive all you even further into a frenzy by making an alternate, or "secret" version! One that is, get this, is limited to only 3 pieces worldwide!

(Right) This version of the Boryoku Genjin is called the FIRE STARTER version. This one might be a bit more difficult for you all to figure out, but I believe in you!

The header card art for this edition of the Boryoku Genjin marks the third time I’ll have worked with the world's most (in)famous toy ruiner extraordinaire, the super talented Lamour Supreme!

This header artwork is just for the regular RAW POWER release. We'll save the header of the +3 FIRE STARTER version for everyone that makes it in on Friday for the show. All I'll say is that it'll take you back to Endor, and everyone loves Endor!

You'll also get a chance to check out some of the original header card artwork from this and past Мишка x NagNagNag releases.

The Boryoku Genjin will go on sale at 7pm by a lottery! We'll be handing out lottery ticket starting at 12 noon at both of our LA and NYC locations, but at 7pm, sharp, we will start calling numbers! You must be present at the time your number is called for your chance chance to purchase Boryoku Genjin. One figure per customer. No exceptions! This means you John Prolly and Lamour Supreme.

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