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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

[Preview] Mike Sutfin x Reckless Toys Mad Battle Man

With the fury that is SDCC upon us soon, thoughts travel back to last year's epic SDCC unveiling of Mike Sutfin's MAD BATTLE MAN figure, which at the time was still in progress and cast in polycarbonate. Then, it was only a short time ago at WonderCon, that I was sworn to secrecy. That is, since I was one of the lucky ones (there were 5 people total!) to get a hands-on glance and drool over the first WHITE prototype! We're talking a real PROTOTYPE here....the first vinyl pull from the newly minted MAD BATTLE MAN mold. Ah, the elixir that vinyl & steel aroma holds for the sinuses of this vinyl junkie.

To start, the detail is incredible, standing 9" tall with long gangly arms and oh, those teeth, sharp and protruding from that mace crushed skull! Although the kneeling position is unconventional, I think it's different and will look awesome when you have 6 or 7 of these Mad Battle Man in different colorways lined up next to each other on your shelf...!

One of my favorite new additions since last year would have to be the fiery torch accessory in the left hand. If you look closely, you can see a demonic face in the flame... "Firestarrrrstaaaa!!!"

Mike was kind enough to entrust me with taking a few snaps of this pearly white vinyl beast. Hopefully soon, in these hands, and in front of my camera lens, will be the Sutfin created SDCC 2010 exclusive "Dusk" colorway, which is so limited, heads will be spinning...and not from some spikey, battle axed, blood drenched neck wound. The anticipation is at a feverous level, even with the white one in my grasp, just can't wait to see this vinyl battle beast in color...driving me MAD!

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