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Sunday, June 6, 2010

[Event] Interview w/ Mori Katsura of RealxHead by SQDBLSTR

Last Sunday, Mori and I sat down at his Aoto, Tokyo store, Shinto Gangu. We talked about everything from his early toys, to his perception of non-Japanese toy fans.

Aaron: When did you start to make toys?
Mori: 7 years ago.

A: Why did you start then?
M: Why? I was always a toy collector. I collected vinyl, and wanted to make my own.

A: What kind of toys did you collect?
M: Mostly Kaiju and Kamen Rider.

A: So after collecting, you wanted to make your own toys?
M: Yeah.

A: What was the first toy you made?
M: Oni Head. This one (points to shelf).

Read the full interview @ SQDBLSTR (HERE).
Photographs by Ellen Chou.


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