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Saturday, May 8, 2010

[Release] Cord Viper Super Festival Zat & Zavelle

Cord Viper debuted their latest sculpt at Super Festival, Zat, and dropped a killer new colorway of Zavelle. In stock now, limited quantities of both, plus a few past colorways, all of which are SOLD OUT through Cord Viper. Snag 'em while you can (HERE).

(Left) This is the latest sculpt, Zat, by Cord Viper. Zat is cast in light purple vinyl & is articulated at the waist and arms.

Available @ Lulubell (HERE). SOLD OUT!

(Right) This is the latest Zavelle released at Super Festival, by Cord Viper. Zavelle is cast in dark blue vinyl with black, silver & pink spray detailing. Articulated at the arms & waist.

Available @ Lulubell (HERE).


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