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Monday, September 12, 2011

[Preview] [Show] Gargamel x Bwana Spoons Pocket Sleeping Killer & Sleep It Off Customs @ Thrash Out

Been trucking so hard on the actual work I forgot to post about this awesome adventure. On September 24th Martin Ontiveros and I get to close down the shop with our new show and this Thrash Out's last show SLEEP IT OFF.

That's right, after this event Thrash Out will be closing it's doors and moving shop out of Tokyo. Sad and exciting as new places create new adventures for Gargamel. To celebrate Gargamel is making new sculpts for both me and Martin. A new killer sculpt for me - a Pocket Sleeping Killer.

I am going as they say balls out with over 30 customs and some new killer paintings. Almost done with the first painting which is a massive Steven painting.

Some finished and some not finished work for the Thrash Out show.


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