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Thursday, June 16, 2011

[Release] Lulubell Shooting Blanks x Dream Rocket Unpainted Black & GID Balbagon, Mothman & x Shikaruna Koubo Marine Kong, Cube Dororu

We are excited to bring you a double-header for June Shooting Blanks! Twice the fun in Black & GID.

Starting Friday, June 17th at Noon Pacific & running through June 23rd, we will be taking open run pre-orders for Dream Rocket's Balbagon ($55) & Mothman ($40) figures in Black & GID.

Then on Friday, June 24th at Noon Pacific, running through June 30th, we will be offering open run pre-orders on two of Shikaruna Koubo's figures. Marine Kong ($95) & Cube Dororu ($55) will also be available in Black & GID vinyl! maximum orders, 1 week pre-order period.

Pre-Orders available @ Lulubell (HERE). SOLD OUT!

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